Cool Pix & Places

AZ desert winter scene

A desert landscape with snow covered mountains as a backdrop – not something you see every day. This was in Santa Catalina State Park in Oro Valley, AZ just a little NW of Tucson. The mountains you see here – the Catalinas – are about 7000 ft high. The clouds rolled on and off the peaks all day and cast shadows on the slopes. Mother Nature put on quite a show.

Running a blog can be challenging. Writing is the easy part. When you get photos like some of these, the posts write themselves. The hard part is to keep older entries up front and accessible while adding new stuff. I solved that with MENUS. I figured out how to put some content categories across the top with drop down lists. It works great. But I needed a category to put things that don’t fit nice and neat in other catergories – a catch all. This is it. Cool Pix & Cool Places. It’s a home for places, photos, things, events and whatever else I come up with. You never know what you might find here. There’s no rules. Just cool stuff.

Hope you find something you like … Boris and Natasha

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