Start Geocaching


I’ve put together a series of five pages on the basics of geocaching. You’ll find them in a drop down menu linked to this title on the home page. The titles are self-explanatory. They’ll be more than enough to get you started.

Here we are geocaching on horseback in Wyoming. We’ve also used bikes, boats and ATV’s but it doesn’t have to be exotic. Most of our finds are done walking or driving our car.

The best description I’ve heard of geocaching is using satellites and computers to find pill bottles in the middle of nowhere. Geocachers are part geek, part sleuth and part explorer. Geocaches are everywhere. You drive by dozens of them every day. They’re on your street, in your parks, in the parking lot of the mall and in the wildest wilderness. You can do park’n’grabs and get 50 in a day. Or you can do back-country geocaching and spend all day getting just one. We’ve done both and everything in between.

Geocaching, along with its relatives like letterboxing, benchmarks and waypoints, are sometimes referred to as stashing games. These activities are great real time, real world exercises in problem solving, decision making and setting priorities in addition to the technical stuff involved. If you are looking for a way to teach and motivate kids, get them active outdoors and have a lot of fun, give geocaching or one of its relatives a try.

Welcome to the game … Boris and Natasha

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