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Benchmark disk

A metal benchmark disk. This one is at Battery Cooper near Fort Pickens at the entrance to Pensacola Harbor in Florida. Benchmarks are surveyed points used to measure distances, locate objects and make maps in the days before GPS and Google Earth. They’re all over the place – bridges, tunnels, culverts, roads, water towers, hilltops and more. They take many forms – disks, pipes, obelisks, concrete markers. The National Parks are full of them. Beware though that some cannot be gotten to safely or legally. Use discretion.

Hi again,

If you like getting out there with geocaches, there are some other activities you’ll probably enjoy as well. Sometimes, you find yourself in places where geocaches aren’t allowed – National Parks, for instance. In that case, virtual geocaches and benchmarks provide an equal challenge.

If you have restless kids in the car, looking for waymarks can give them something to do.

There are other geogames such as geodashing and letterboxing. We do them all, at some point or another. There are links in the drop down menu for all of them.

Also under this topic, I’vee included some Top 10 lists on safety, tactics and preparation for your geo-hunt.

Have fun with them. We do. … Boris and Natasha

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